January 25, 2009

Level 3, Almost

93 problems and counting, including two of the 25 most recent (which means I get a nice red-coloured progress bar under Current Performance!) I'm shooting for 100 by the end of the week - enough for Level 3 status and a permanent place on the Project Euler scoreboard.

Aside from that, I'm currently optimizing my first project at work. After all, a new statistical machine translation feature function isn't much use unless you can run it across a cluster on corpora of at least 10 million phrase pairs within your lifetime. (In my defense, the goal of the first implementation was to get something working; judging from the unit tests, this objective seems to have been met.) Following discussion with co-workers at NRC-IIT, some intense whiteboard sessions, and profuse streams of invective launched (unfairly, perhaps) at valgrind, I'm confident that it can easily be improved to run within a day.

(Now that would be a good use of Python generators - (theoretically) infinite streams of invective, scraped from the bowels of our beloved Internet via httplib. Some would argue that the Internet's capacity to provide said invective is necessarily finite. I (and Bucket - NSFW) respectfully disagree.)

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