June 17, 2009

On the Right Trackball

And here is the completed spherical Trogdor (of uniform density?) You might notice a circle drawn across his beautiful Phong-shaded polygons; that's part of a virtual trackball. Roughly speaking, this allows you to rotate the model as though the scene were contained in a sphere. (Also: that site uses a rather inefficient way to get the angle between the two projected vectors - can you think of a fast approximation?) Other user-interface goodies: you can select individual joints and rotate them, causing Trogdor to coil up or flex his shapely back-arm. You can also move Trogdor around.
Just remember: if you hear from me only sporadically this term, it's because I'm doing super-fantastic-awesome things like modelling Trogdor and driving model trains. All in the pursuit of higher education!

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