March 17, 2009

And One Reason To Love It

It's biking season! For the first time yesterday, I eschewed four wheels for two in my semi-weekly Westboro adventures, thereby bringing a whole new level of pain to this morning's post-gym-session awakening. For what it's worth, it's heartening to see at least a half-decent network of bike lanes.

Another good thing: every time I head to a gym session or outdoor meet, I see new faces. This bodes well for the parkour community here in Ottawa - personally, I'd like to see it survive forever, well past the next wave of graduations. As inspiration, I'll post a video: Stephane Vigroux on parkour. Memorable quote:

"None of the founders supported the previous 'World Freerun Championship'. None of us support this. Let's make it clear."

Wise words from one of parkour's most skilled practitioners, and a strong indicator that the community aspect of parkour may very well survive the hype brewing around it. Let's hope it can. No - let's make it that way, each and every last one of us.

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