April 30, 2009

Little 5

(Not to be confused with Big5.) 5 hours of plane travel each way (despite the fact that a direct flight would probably take less than 2.) 5 pictures (four of airports and one of the best beer selection I've seen since...so I forgot to take real pictures. Oops.) 5 ten-spots laid out for extended-stay parking at YOW. 5 pancakes shuttled down my gaping maw. (At least I think it was 5. Really, the pan-sized ones can count for anywhere between 2 and 3 - say, e pancakes.) 5 bottles/cans of beer partaken of in the weekend. Coincidence? I think so. Anyways, Little 5 weekend was an absolute blast - I'd write more about it, but that's already been done for me.

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