May 7, 2009

Death From Above

(Or this DFA - whichever you prefer.)

I'm writing this in the middle of an especially sluggish induction proof in CS 360. I've decided to make a few minor but hopefully positive changes in the way I approach class:
  • I'll try to make it to as many of them as possible - even those pesky 8:30 am ones that have marred my attendance track record in previous terms. (Not that anyone keeps track, but still...)
  • I'm keeping semi-rigorous notes for any lectures that don't have nice preformatted course slides available online.
  • I'm keeping those LaTeX.
The idea with the latter step is that having legible notes will encourage me to revisit them, a process that lies in stark contrast with my longstanding practice of keeping sporadic write-only notes. We'll see how that one goes. In either case, I'll endeavour to make the notes publicly available, thus driving a further spike in various efforts initiated by the University of Waterloo administration to lock up our course materials.

Final note: if you are concerned about the privatization of knowledge, I strongly urge you to do the same. Keep notes, make PDFs, and distribute like crazy. Help us bridge our ingenuity gap.

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