May 4, 2009

Panic! At the 401

After an epic journey down the 401 involving 5-6 coffee cups worth of caffeine, 2 hospitals, 12 hours (7 or so of which were spent either in said hospitals or in an ambulance headed thereto), and 3 carpopedal spasms (these resulting from panic attacks, which in turn were most likely induced by the aforementioned dose of caffeine), I finally made it back up to Waterloo in one piece. I'm most definitely avoiding caffeinated beverages from now on...

On a more positive note, I'll be living here for the next four months. (That said, my decision to take the infamous Real-Time and Graphics project courses concurrently may very well minimize the time I get to spend in my new digs!) I've got a decent room setup which will only get better with a few key investments in hardware - pics to follow.

I'll post some kind of winter term retrospective in the near future; for now, however, I'm off to tackle some nagging errands.


  1. Posted at 05:58? Dang. I wasn't even up that early today. Maybe your endeavours to sleep as little as I are what's ailing you. :)

    That said, you maple leafers need to get on that streetview thing.

  2. Nope...Blogger thinks I'm on PST for some reason, despite the fact that I explicitly told it otherwise. I haven't really cared to try harder at correcting it.