July 26, 2009

The Eleventh Hour

Aside from being the title of an awesome children's book (which may or may not still reside on my shelves), this phrase adequately sums up my situation here. I've got slightly under 72 hours to polish and document my Graphics project, touch up an essay on Church's solution to the Entscheidungsproblem of Hilbert's Program, and - of course! - push the trains struggle as far as possible.

(Yes, I know you can see the edges of the skybox in the above image. I probably won't have time to change that before the Graphics demo.)

On the real-time front, we've had a very fortunate breakthrough; the sensor polling bug fell before a quick debugging sprint yesterday morning. We're driving hard to get route-finding working tonight, as this will leave us all of Tuesday (as mentioned, I have other things to worry about tomorrow!) to put together our final demo. Given the time constraints, we'll likely have to go with something almost braindead-simple; the plan currently being floated around is to hack together a cat-and-mouse game using the trains.

But enough about schoolwork! I'm off to Germany on the 30th. Let's hope I manage to drag my bedraggled body to Pearson in time!

Final note: this blog has been very one-dimensional over the last month. Given my situation, this is perhaps understandable; nevertheless, I shiver with antici-

Delay(60);    // pause for 3s (one tick == 50 ms)

-pation at the prospect of having something other than Graphics or Real-Time to talk about.

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