July 17, 2009

Phoenix Down

11 days to go. No picture this time, but I don't need one: we fixed the kernel, thus reviving ourselves just in time for the final sprint. Depending on how the next couple of days go, we may even be able to make the Train Control 2 deadline on Monday. This milestone - the last before the final project - requires groups to track the motion of two trains while preventing collisions.

Graphics front? Nothing for today. I'll be putting in a sprint tomorrow, which will hopefully furnish me with more flashy images to post here on qx5. I'm treating myself to a break this evening; given that I've been putting in 10-14 hour workdays every day including weekends this fortnight prior, such a well-needed pause could prove instrumental in averting catastrophic burnout.

(For the more observant reader: yes, the days-to-go counts over the last three posts have been inconsistent. This one is correct; I'm counting down to the Graphics project deadline. I'd wish myself good luck, but dtam says luck is for chumps...so I'll wish myself good skill instead.)

Well, I'm off to go eat pizza and watch Bill Nye with our friendly neighbourhood CSC. Keep posted!

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