July 18, 2009


10 days to go. After plowing through the first few sections of Prusinkiewicz and Lindenmayer's The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, I hacked together a quick tree renderer. The above image was generated by randomizing the parameters in Figure 2.8, with slightly higher branching angles to fake downward tropism. (Yeah, I know that's not how it's really done - but it's dead simple.)

At this point, I need to start trying to mash things together. I could spend several days tweaking my texture, terrain, rock, and plant generators to near-perfection, but I just don't have the time - especially when I've also got to slap in texture mapping, a skybox background, a simple water plane with stencil buffer reflection, interaction (I've got the keyboard working, but I haven't implemented mouselook yet), terrain clamping, and collision detection.

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