July 5, 2009


23 days to go. After reflecting upon the virtues of getting proper amounts of sleep and not eating takeout Chinese or Pita Factory twice a day, I've decided that my approach to this month has to change. From now on, I'll be experimenting with a strict 11-7 sleep schedule. I've also stocked up on snacks of the apples-and-carrots variety, and I took some time aside last night to concoct container-loads of pasta e fagioli and salad. I'll also try to set some time aside in my daily breaks for exercise.

The hypothesis is that, if applied correctly, this will increase my general alertness and productivity. As a side effect, it will likely contribute to a more psychologically-balanced state. This seems obvious; I'd wager, however, that most students faced with crushing workloads panic and go the graveyard-shift route, a path which I had been following up until last night.

So - 23 days to go, and may each be better than the last!

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